KeraCure is a Chicago based company that was formed in 1999. The company specializes in tissue regeneration, and has an innovative technology platform which was discovered at Wayne State University and the University of Michigan. Six patents are currently involved with the technology and are presently licensed to KeraCure exclusively.

The company utilizes (and continues to develop) a wound healing technology that is designed to improve the natural regenerative process of the human body. One of the most important medical issues today is chronic wound. The risk of developing chronic wounds increases as people age, and because the aging population is increasing every year, so is the need for an effective cure. There are more than thirty seven million patients being treated worldwide every year. The chronic wound market has a number of indications that addresses billions of dollars globally.

In its brief history, the company has accomplished several commercial and clinical milestones, among them are: completing a pilot study with the KeraPac, their flagship product and submitted data to FDA -- the study showed their product did not pose any safety issues whatsoever; obtaining FDA approval to carry out a multi center pivotal study in the country; partnership with Genzyme to manufacture KeraPac, a world renowned cell therapy organization; improving the shelf life of their product, which gave them a huge advantage over other companies with similar products; the multi center pivotal study they have conducted is nearing completion.

KeraCure's KeraPac provides the following benefits for users: fast healing time; extremely effective; clinical use is very easy; simple design; much longer shelf life. For those who would like to purchase KeraPac, or contact the KeraCure team, please use the following info:

  • PO Box 10942
  • Chicago, IL 60610
  • (312) 587-1078